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Creflo Dollar: From Hurt to Wholeness

From Hurt to Wholeness - Creflo Dollar - Creflo Dollar Ministriesby: Creflo Dollar

In our everyday lives, we encounter individuals who project an image of wellness, but secretly, they are walking containers of deep-seated hurt. Are you among them?

Hurt desperately seeks to find entrance into the lives of men, women, and children in countless ways. For many, hurt has come in through an absentee father, an abusive mother, an unfaithful spouse, a slight, or something as simple as one unkind word. The varieties are unlimited! However, they all share a common orchestrator, Satan.

In the Garden of Eden, Satan came in as a serpent with the express purpose of moving Adam and Eve from their trust in God and in all He had spoken. Satan’s strategy was to deceive the minds of Adam and Eve. His entry point into their minds was through their emotions. Satan uses the same tactic today. It is his same m.o. (method of operation)—Satan attacking the minds of individuals through their feelings, which are governed by emotions.

Now God intentionally created emotions for mankind, and we know everything God created is for a goodly purpose. However, like all things that begin as good but are later perverted by the devil, hurt is a negative emotion. Hurt’s aim is to rob God’s beloved of all He says they can be and everything He says they can have.

Negative emotions will try to talk to you, and it is common for the hurt and emotionally wounded to listen to them. This only makes their situations worse, because emotions and feelings often fluctuate. They are a most untrustworthy source.

Some other misguided self-help attempts by those who have been hurt are:  hurting others to try to feel better, pretending the pain does not exist, hardening one’s heart, and forming relationships upon a foundation of hurt. All of these efforts are doomed to fail.

To deal with hurt successfully and to go forward in life, one must refuse to use pain as a point of reference. Determine to stop “bringing it up.” You can change! Do not believe the lies of the enemy—you are NOT powerless!

Moreover, you have been given authority over hurt, which covers attacks against your mind and emotions. The Bible says in Luke 10:19, “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you” (Luke 10:19). This is not to say you will never stub a toe or bump a knee. It is saying, though, that for the Christian, there is a part of you that is protected from sin, hurt, and harm—even from Satan. It is your born-again spirit, the “real you.” According to Ephesians 1:13, our core being, our spirits, are sealed by the Holy Spirit when we accept Christ. Our responsibility is to renew our minds (our thought life) daily with the Word of God. As a result, emotional hurt must back off. Now healing can come in, and with it, wholeness!

In addition, to paraphrase Philippians 4:6 from the Message Bible, I encourage you to voice your feelings to God. Shape your hurt into prayers and praises to Him. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for your good, will settle your minds, your emotions—your world! It is wonderful when that happens—when Christ displaces worry, hurt, or any other negative emotion as the center of your life.

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Creflo Dollar: The Word of God is Food for Your Soul

The Word of God is Food for Your Soul - Creflo Dollar - Creflo Dollar Ministriesby: Creflo Dollar

You have probably heard the phrase “You are what you eat” before, and it is usually a statement that is made in reference to food. However, it can also be applied to the things we “feed” our spirits on a daily basis. The foods we eat are responsible for sustaining our physical bodies and allowing us to maintain good health. Likewise, the prosperity of our souls depends on our spiritual food choices. In other words, what we put in our minds by way of our eyes, our ears, and the things that come out of our mouths, have the potential to nourish or deplete us spiritually. As Believers, we must be sure we are constantly feeding our spirits the right things, which only come from God’s Word.

Junk food is the type of food that has virtually no nutritional value and is full of harmful substances that have both short-term and long-term negative effects on the body. Similarly, there are a lot of things we are exposed to every day that are spiritual junk food. For example, the news is full of bad reports of doom and gloom—talk of impending financial crisis and increasing wickedness. “Reality” television shows, ungodly music, and talk shows that promote beliefs and perspectives that do not line up with the Word of God are also prevalent. These are just a few examples of spiritual “junk” food that, when taken in on a consistent basis, will keep us spiritually malnourished and open to the attacks of the enemy.

God created man as a tri-part being, meaning he is a spirit, who possesses a soul, and lives in a physical body. Because of this tri-part nature, He expects us to take care of each part properly. For the physical body, that would mean eating right, exercising regularly, and getting enough rest. For the spirit and soul, it means continually “feeding” on a diet of the Word of God. The Bible is the prescribed “diet” that our spirits were created to intake.

Proverbs 4:20 gives some very important instructions in regards to feeding our spirits so we can maintain optimum spiritual health. It says, “My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings.” The more we focus on God’s Word, the more we will desire it and the more rapidly we will see spiritual growth and development taking place in our lives. A steady diet of the Word provides our spirits with the strength needed to overcome everything in the world. It is the faith “food” we need.

Verse 21 tells us to not let the Word of God depart from our eyes. We must keep our eyes on the Word at all times. A great way to do this is to make it the top priority of our day. Since the eyes are one of the gateways to the heart, by studying the Word first thing in the morning and looking at scriptures during the day, we plant it in our hearts. The more we do this, the more we will be built up on the inside and equipped to handle the challenges of life.

There is no limit to how much of God’s Word our spirits can handle. In fact, the more we take in, the bigger and stronger our spirits become. We are the only ones who can limit our Word intake, primarily as an act of our own will. Choosing to make the Word the centerpiece of our day and our absolute priority will position us to be spiritually empowered all the time.

Regardless of what church you attend, it is important to take time outside of church to read your Bible and feed on the Word of God. I’m not talking about casually skimming over the Scriptures but really focusing in on what you are reading, meditating on it, and allowing it to become deeply rooted in your consciousness. This is the level of Word intake that will begin to affect your life and cause you to be victorious in this world.

If you feel yourself becoming irritable, depressed, or low on joy, it is probably because you’re low on the Word. But when you feed on the Word to the point where it is overflowing in your spirit, you will not only have enough spiritual strength to deal with the challenges you face but to also minister to others. You are what you eat, so make sure you’re eating the Word every day. Your spirit will thank you for it!

Experience “Your World with Creflo Dollar”! Everyone faces challenges in life, and with every challenge we face, there is a solution. “Your World” is passionate about empowering our viewers for positive change through the Grace of God. We invite you to tune in weekly!

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Creflo Dollar: The Law of Confession

The Law of Confession - Creflo Dollar - Creflo Dollar Ministriesby: Creflo Dollar

God has given us a powerful method to obtain His promises, and it is up to us to use it. That method is confession. Confession, as it pertains to the Bible, is when you speak the Word of God out loud. Words are spiritual containers that release either fear or faith. Every time you speak, you are activating spiritual forces that will affect your life. This is why it is so important to be mindful of the words we speak and to make sure we are only saying what God has said in His Word.

Similar to the law of gravity, the law of confession will work for anyone who will get involved with it. Many Christians who have been defeated in life are defeated because they believe and confess the wrong things. They don’t realize that their words are activating a spiritual law that is working against them. We must understand the law of confession if we want things to work for us. We have been given access to the power of God through our words, which are weapons against the enemy.

Satan is constantly applying pressure to our minds in order to get us to quit in these last days; however, we do not have to allow hard times or pressure to defeat us. We can use the Word of God as a weapon against the enemy, and win.

In order to be victorious over the attacks of the enemy, we must think, believe, and speak in line with God’s Word. In fact, believing the Word in our hearts is the prerequisite for our confessions having a significant impact in our lives. Mark 9:23 says, “Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” Faith is the force that must be in operation in order for our confessions to come to pass. Sometimes people confess God’s Word religiously, mechanically, and out of fear; however, these types of confessions don’t accomplish anything. We must believe that the things we confess from the Bible are coming to pass as we pray and speak them.

We can look to God as an example of how faith-filled words cause things to manifest in the natural realm. In the biblical account of how God created the earth, the Word says that He spoke and whatever He spoke came into existence (Genesis 1). God’s words are full of faith, which is what caused them to become actual physical substance. The things we see in this earth today, from the sky to the trees, are the result of words that were spoken by God.

The same creative power that God possesses has been invested in us. As spiritual beings who possess the nature of God, we have the ability to speak things into existence just like God did. This isn’t some mystical, New Age idea; it is scriptural. When Jesus walked the earth, He imitated His Father by speaking what the Father spoke. As a result, He saw results everywhere He went. Likewise, we must be imitators of God, who think, act, and speak like Him. When we speak His Words, we release His creative ability into the earth, and something always happens. When we believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that the words we speak will come to pass, we will see what we are speaking (Mark 11:22-23).

The Bible says that all things are possible for those who believe. Confessing God’s Word is so powerful because every time we hear ourselves speaking the Scriptures, we are actually planting faith in our hearts. The more we become established on the Word of God through speaking it on a consistent basis, the more our faith will grow. And faith, when acted upon, will always produce the desired results.

There shouldn’t be a day that passes that the Believer does not speak the Word of God. It is the Word that strengthens our faith, and releases the power of God into our situations and circumstances. By making daily confessions, we frame our worlds with the Word of God, shut the devil out of our lives, and plant faith in our hearts. It is the key to victory and supernatural manifestation.

Experience “Your World with Creflo Dollar”! Everyone faces challenges in life, and with every challenge we face, there is a solution. “Your World” is passionate about empowering our viewers for positive change through the Grace of God. We invite you to tune in weekly!

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